Starting Out

Whenever we as parents start out on something new with our children be it a biomedical treatment, behavioral program or just a social activity it can create many different emotions within us such as fear, excitement, anxiety, hope or doubt.   I find I have all of these emotions at the same time.

Fear, am I doing the right thing?

Excitement, let’s get started!

Anxiety, what if I took the wrong approach?

Hope, this could be really good.

Doubt, it will never work for my child.

It was no different starting this new program with BrainHighways.  I had all of those emotions and more.  I have already felt highs and shed some tears.  Welcome to week 1.

Is starting something new with your child hard for you?  How do you handle it?

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One Response to Starting Out

  1. Brit says:

    Love this post! So glad to know I’m not alone in these thoughts!

    Thanks for stopping by

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