Sleep, Wonderful Sleep

Something unexpected has happened for my son… sleep, wonderful sleep!  I’m not sure if it is just exhaustion from physically moving his body during our Brain Highways reorganization sessions or if we are already seeing the benefits of the program.  Either way we’ll take it!

I have spoken with parents many times about sleep issues with special needs kiddos.  This is something very common for them.  I once spoke with a mom that took her son to Dolphin therapy and she said that when her son finished the two-week session he slept for up to  20 hours a day for almost a month.  Waking only to eat and use the restroom.  Another time when I asked at a gathering of parents what I could do to help my son sleep through the night (at the time he was only staying asleep for a few hours at a time with 45 minutes breaks in between)  a mother suggested a dog.  She explained that her daughter never slept through the night until she got her a service dog.  They allowed her to sleep with her dog and she stopped waking up at night.

Now am I saying that Dolphin therapy is great for help with sleep or get a service dog and your problems are sloved…no. I’m just commenting on what I was told.

Why is sleep so important?

Scientists believe that when we sleep our brains still remain active.  The brain uses this time to sort through memories and process the information.

So if the brain is not given this time to process (or it is not able to) it won’t be able to build the pathways needed develop.

Have you faced sleep challenges? How have you dealt with them?

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