waking up FOR family

Are you a morning person?  You know those people that are cheery in the morning and are happy to start their day with the roosters.

Well, I really wanted to become one but I kept giving excuses why I couldn’t.

  • I’m a night owl by nature, even now I’m writing this after every one has gone to bed.
  • I love to sleep in.
  • I’m in a season with young children with one that still nurses at night.
  •  I have a special needs son that has a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep.  Some nights he would fall asleep at 11pm only to be up at 2 am ready to start his day.

Then I got real with myself.

Why was I waking up TO my family versus waking up FOR my family?

When I wake up to my family – I walk into the living room with children already glued to morning cartoons asking for food the second they see me.

Is this really the way God would have me minister to my family?  Rushing into daily tasks without regard for what His plan is for me or even taking the time to thank Him that I get to spend another day with those I hold dear.

I know a quiet time in the morning is the best way to start  your day as a Christian and it is especially true as a mother.  God asks us to check in with Him first.

Think about it the God of the universe wants a status update.

So I did what any good Christian would do.

I prayed about it.  Don’t laugh!

But no, I really did pray about it, I asked with all my heart

“God make me a morning person.”

I prayed for years.  I can look back in my journals and read over and over again where I asked for victory over my pillow.

Then one day I got practical.  I started reading books on time management, home management and Christian living.

They all said to go to sleep early and set your alarm clock up for just a few minutes earlier each day until you get to your desired wake up time.  Well, I started to wake up earlier, at least for a while.

Until my special needs kiddo would go into a bad sleeping cycle or I would have a newborn and be nursing at night again.

I would fall back into my old habit of waking up just in time to kiss my husband goodbye as he was walked out the door for work.

Again I would pray for victory over my pillow.  I’d start the whole process over again setting up my alarm clock but still not having much success.

When I was able to get up early I was enjoying having some time all to myself with God.  But little things would derail me easily.  And I would go right back into the habit of sleeping in.

Then I ran across the Maximize Your Morning Challenge from Inspired to Action.  I joined the challenge and I wish I could tell you that I am waking up every morning at my goal time and having amazing devotions…

I can’t but what I can say is the accountability worked! I wake up nearly (still having trouble here and there) every morning  to spend time in prayer, worship and devotional reading.

Then I check in with a group of ladies on Facebook and let them know how my morning routine went.

There it was

so simple


Oh there are still days that I don’t get up in time and have to rush to start my day but they are becoming less and less.

Just a month ago I got off track when my son got very sick and any noise from his room would wake me up so when morning came I had a hard time getting up.

But this time I took the advice from Kat over at Inspired to Action and just started at step one again

just waking up earlier.

Not trying to do my whole routine.  I just focused on retraining my body to wake up on time.

Now I know there will still be days where I don’t get up as early as I’d like or where I will just plain sleep in but I know I will shake it off and start again.  Why?

Because I love waking up FOR family

so much more than waking up to them.

I love spending time in prayer FOR them and FOR me.   I love that He speaks to me through His Word so that I am equipped FOR them.

Would you like to join us for the Summer challenge?

Click the Inspired to Action link under blogroll or the HelloMornings button on the side bar.

We would love to have you.

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2 Responses to waking up FOR family

  1. Kim says:

    Go to my FBook page on my website and send me a message, and I’ll approve you as my *friend* I DO get up, and set my alarm to it, before my sons. I also set my SN son’s alarm on his watch. He has to get stay in his room until the alarm goes off (sleep is an issue in my household), so it gives me some sense of control. Kim

  2. Brenda says:

    This is the second time recently I’ve seen a post about being a morning person. Hmmm…I think God is trying to tell me something! I love the way you worded it, to get up for my family and not to my family!

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